Assignment 1.1: Analyzing a brochure

Purpose of the assignment

You will practice distinguishing different sides of a communication message.

Subject matter

  • Section 1.1
  • Section 1.2
  • Section 1.3


 Linnaeus University in Sweden offers a summer academy for international students. In order to recruit students, the university presents information about this summer academy on its website, including a reference to a brochure. 

  • Download this brochure from
  • Answer the following questions (in short).
    • What is the matter side of this brochure?
    • What is the appeal side of this brochure?
    • What sender goals does Linnaeus University apparently try to achieve with this brochure? 
    • What receiver goals do you assume most readers will try to achieve?
    • How do these reader goals relate to the sender goals?
    • What means does Linnaeus University use to persuade the readers to apply for the program that is presented?
    • Characterize these means using the terms from section 1.2.5 (last part).
    • What is the self-expression side of this brochure?
    • What image does the brochure create of Linnaeus University?
    • Which elements of the brochure contribute to this image?
    • In your view, which of these elements may help Linnaeus University to reach its goals, and which elements may not?
    • What advice, if any, would you give Linnaeus University to further improve this brochure?