Assignment 2.1: Organizing key answers

Purpose of the assignment

You will practice organizing key answers in a text schema in accordance with the principles discussed in section 2.3.

Subject matter

All of chapter 2, but specifically section 2.3


Assignment 1 in chapter 2 deals with the use of different text schemata for a proposal on the use of a mandatory language test. You were asked to formulate short text schemata for the proposal based on the set problem schema and the set measure schema. You will have noticed that quite a number of the main questions in these schemata may have more than one key answer.

  • Determine for each question in your problem schema and in your measure schema the order of the key answers that you have formulated.
  • Determine for each set of key answers whether you have applied a principle of organization mentioned in section 2.3. If so, what principle of organization did you choose? If not, how would you describe the principle of organization that you have chosen? 
  • Motivate your choices.
  • Indicate how the choice of set text schema (problem or measure) and the ordering of the key answers in the two different schemata might lead to differences in the focus in the resulting texts.