Assignment 2.2: Using short text schemata to develop introductions and summaries

Purpose of the assignment

You will practice using short text schemata.

Subject matter

All of chapter 2, but specifically section 2.4.6


Assignment 1 in chapter 2 deals with the use of different text schemata for a proposal on the use of a mandatory language test. You were asked to formulate short text schemata for the proposal based on the set problem schema and the set measure schema. Additional assignment 2.1 asked you to elaborate on the key answers you have provided.

  • Based on each of the two short text schemata you developed, write two introductions and two summaries.¬†
  • Specifically focus on the structure indicators (signposting sentences) that indicate how the structure of the text would unfold (in the introductions), and how the text developed in the end (in the summaries).¬†
  • How do these introductions and summaries differ from one text schema to the other?