Assignment 3.1: Recognizing positions, arguments, and structure of reasoning

Purpose of the assignment

You will practice recognizing positions and arguments, as well as the structure of the reasoning.

Subject matter

Section 3.2


For each of the following text fragments,

  • check what the positions and the arguments are;
  • display the structure of the reasoning in a diagram such as presented in section 3.2.4;
  • indicate whether the reasoning concerns a single argument, convergent arguments, linked arguments, or serial argumentation.

Fragment A

Holidays with extreme outdoor sports are not as popular as they once were. Nowadays active holidaymakers prefer multi-active holidays, i.e. some of everything, and less extreme. This was revealed by trend watchers in the world of active travel, who were interviewed by the travel journal Out there. However, the relative decline in holidays with extreme outdoor sports is not only due to fleeting fashions. The growing number of over-50s in the holiday market also plays a role. In addition, more and more families with young children want active, but not extreme holidays.

Fragment B

We must stop using deliberately puzzling messages in health communication. The purpose of these messages is that the recipients will talk to each other about their form and content, which would overcome taboos that would otherwise block communication. However, research shows that, compared to other health messages, deliberately puzzling health messages lead to fewer rather than more conversations. What makes things worse, other research shows that if recipients start talking about a deliberately puzzling health message, there is a good chance that more misconceptions about the subject of the message will arise.