Assignment 5.2: Developing an infographic

Purpose of the assignment

You will practice using infographics (see the opening of chapter 5 for an example of an infographic), and you will discover a vast array of options for visualizing information.

Subject matter

  • All of chapter 5


You are asked to develop an infographic to show the conditions present on a beach and the regulations regarding the use of the beach.

  • Four flags are used on the beach: 
    • a green flag denoting that conditions are safe and that a lifeguard is present;
    • a yellow flag denoting that the beach is not safe and that you swim at your own risk;
    • a red flag denoting that there is great risk of entering the water and no lawful entry into the water is allowed;
    • a black flag denoting that a shark/sharks have been spotted and swimmers should leave the water immediately. 
  • The use of the black flag will be accompanied by the sounding of a loud siren.
  • Swimmers should know the conditions and be wary of strong currents and high surf.
  • Current water conditions will be posted on a signboard at the lifeguard stand.
  • An emergency number is presented on the infographic.

Present this information in an infographic. This would entail that you first do some research into the nature of infographics as communication tools. 


There is a wide variety of ‘infographic makers’ available on the internet, such as Piktochart (, Venngage ( and Canva ( They are powerful tools and fun to use.