Assignment 7.1: Reflecting on the writing process 

Purpose of the assignment

You will develop insight in your own writing process and you will improve your writing strategies as you go along. 

Subject matter

  • All of chapter 7


This assignment relates to assignment 3 in chapter 7, where you work on your own new writing project. It is an extension of task 2 in this assignment, where you are asked to work on a logbook in which you write down your thoughts on how to apply all useful suggestions for the writing process that you have encountered. This new assignment will take this task to the next level. 

  • Keep a journal that you write parallel to the writing project itself, in order to map your whole writing process as carefully as you can.
  • In this journal you write up the different stages that you go through, taking note of
    • the decisions that you make;
    • the strategies that you follow;
    • the problems that you encounter;
    • the solutions that you come up with for these problems;
    • the changes that you make to your writing product as you go along.