Assignment 8.1: Writing a short report (1)

Purpose of the assignment

You will utilize the insights gained from chapters 6 and 8 to critically analyze an existing report and to make suggestions for the improvement of the report.

Subject matter

  • All of chapter 8 
  • Section 6.1.3


Chapter 8 starts with a reference to the famous report on racism in the South African media (Faultlines: Inquiry into racism in the media). The report is available at

  • Critically assess this long report with reference to the different aspects of report writing addressed in chapter 8. 
  • Write a short report in which you present an overview of your assessment, dealing with both the positive aspects and the shortcomings of the report (if any). 
  • You may also make suggestions for the improvement of the report. 

Please remember that it is not always necessary to carefully read the whole report in order to be able to critically assess its content and its form.