Assignment 8.2: Writing a short report (2)

Purpose of the assignment

You will practice writing a short report based on a longer, more extensive report. 

Subject matter

  • Section 8.4.1
  • Section 6.1.1


  • Select any longer, more extensive report of your own choice (there are many available on the internet). You may think of, for example, a report on 
    • family, domestic and sexual violence in certain countries;
    • the effects of a plain language campaign in certain countries;
    • deforestation in certain countries;
    • literacy levels in certain countries;
    • climate change;
    • etcetera.
  • Write a short report based on the report you chose.

Please remember that

  • it is not always necessary to carefully read the whole report in order to write a satisfactory short report (see section 6.1.1 on cursory reading and summarizing);
  • for this assignment you should not just copy the abstract or summary that is provided in the report itself or anywhere else.