Assignment 9.1: Preparing and delivering an oral presentation

Purpose of the assignment

You will practice preparing and giving an oral presentation.

Subject matter

  • All of chapter 9


  • Prepare a short presentation (between 6 and 8 minutes) on a subject of your own choice in the field of your educational program.
  • Carefully go through the various sections of chapter 9. Their content is reflected in the Observation form for oral presentations, which you can find at
  • Practice using the notes from your speaking schedule so well that it looks as if you come up with the content on the spot. 
  • While delivering the presentation, use your voice well (volume, speed, and pauses). 
  • Seek eye contact with different people from the audience; also be attentive to your posture and gestures.
  • Ask a few listeners to fill in the relevant sections of the Observation form for oral presentations, and ask them to explain their reactions in a follow-up interview.