Test questions

  • Here you will find fifty multiple choice questions for Communicate as a Professional: five for each chapter. Some questions are of a general nature and relate to the Key points sections of the chapters in the book, other questions are more detailed. Answering these fifty questions gives a good impression of your knowledge of the subject matter in Communicate as a Professional
    • Instructors using this book may request the list of correct answers via communicate.amsterdam@gmail.com
  • It goes without saying that knowledge of the contents of this book alone - or of any book, for that matter - is not enough to become a better communicator. That requires a lot of practice. For this purpose, the assignments at the end of each chapter in Communicate as a Professional can be helpful. Instructors using this book may request a file with model answers for these assignments via communicate.amsterdam@gmail.com. This website also contains a number of additional assignments. These assignments can be found here. Good luck!